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How to pack a chandelier

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Removal Companies in West Sussex

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Please do not be fooled by our name we cover the whole of Sussex with unbeatable prices. We cover eastbourne, Seaford, New Haven, Lewis, Hearst Pier point, Enfield, Patcham, Haywards Heath, Hove, Worthing, showroom, Arundel, ride over to Chichester and further. We actually move people anywhere in the UK.

Please give us a call now for a chat. We can help guide you through this tricky time. There is no obligation to take our quote, but we will make things a lot clearer for you. Let us be your first port of call for choosing removal companies in West Sussex .
Although we are a family company and not a large franchise we offer a comprehensive removal service. A lot more personalised than the larger, chain companies. By supporting us you are supporting local business this means a lot and we will not let you down.
There are many larger companies who will cover the whole of Sussex, but they will not give you the sensitivity and attention that it is possible for us to give. All of the members of our team are our friends as well as our co-workers. They know how important you are to us and we help each other to do an excellent job. It is not possible to achieve the same level of comradery and craftsmanship with a larger company.

We have many teams available for you to move with. We cover the length and breadth of Sussex and have done for over a decade.

Give us a call when you have a moment and we can put a free plan together for you.

There are many removal companies is West Sussex but none who offer such a personalised service as us. Let us talk you through your options which range from Economy through to our Prestige packages.
The name Prestige may sound expensive, but it is actually quite affordable. It refers to the services you can choose from rather than the price.

When we arrive you can hand us your keys and instructions and you can head off to one of our recommended locations to enjoy spending your time instead of fretting about your move. We will take care of the rest.

Whether you are moving from Worthing, Washington, Bury, Shipley or further afield we have the best services for you. All of our operation managers, supervisors and removals porters know Sussex like the back of their hand and excellent service is second nature to them. Please get in contact via our contact page.

We have been moving in and around West Sussex for over 10 years performing successful moves for all of our customers. We know it at the back of our hands and our expertise give you the best service possible.
Moving house can be an overwhelming prospect…

Moving home comprises of packing and transporting a large number of diverse items, each of distinctive in it’s requirements for safe travel.

The Brighton Removal Co can offer you some assistance with preparing and planning for a smooth and effective move to your new home.

Our packing groups are professionally prepared packers, so you can rest assured your belongings are in very safe hands. Mirrors and delicates receive extra special care and are no problem for our specialist packing teams. If you would like to take care of certain items yourself that is fin. You can pick and choose exactly what you’d like us to do.

We offer a full packing and preparation service to the whole of Sussex and beyond, which consists of well trained packing personnel arriving at your home the day preceding your move to pack everything including fine china, kitchen crockery dish sets, books, cloth and so forth.

We offer an extensive variety of preparation services including clearance, cleaning, home repairs, packing etc, so you don’t have to.

Given the stressful nature of purchasing, selling and leasing homes, it’s no big surprise that individuals regularly give little time to thinking precisely what will or won’t be moved to their new home.

If you want to save a few pennies then we can give you all the packaging materials that you need.

These include and are not limited to:

Bubble wrap in varying lengths and widths

Boxes also in varying lengths and widths

Packaging tape. Varying styles and colour if you want to take your packing to the next level!

Sofa covers. These are great because they prevent any dust from accumulating inside the couch in transit.

Mattress covers. Very helpful little things because it also stops any dust from accumulating inside and any marks appearing on your mattress.

Also if you are storing your items for any length of time, short or long it will stop any ,moisture getting in.

Wardrobe boxes. These are perfect for your posh garments and business clothes that you have to keep pristine.

And we have so much more to offer.

Moves for offices and commercial businesses

The Brighton Removal Company are the best comrades for any type of office move. We have been commercial move specialists for years and are well known for our ability to relocate a business swiftly and carefully without missing a beat.

An office move can be a mind boggling assignment but with our help we can break it down into manageable phases. Most of his is down to god planning

We have moved some of the biggest offices in Brighton. We have moved several offices this year already, each which up to 5 floors and all individual in their needs.

Most of this is down to good planning. We already have a framework from which to work from. A set of strategies that we have put together over the years. A kind of template if you will in which we will adapt for your particular office and unique business needs.

We offer the most comprehensive and efficient office moves out of all of the removal companies in West Sussex

We first need to hear from you. We need to hear all of your requirements. We will also need to survey the property and all of the contents to be moved. You may need items to be dismantled and packaged carefully and moved before or after the rest of the items.

From your list of requirements and having a full inventory of the belongings to be moved packed or cleared we can then put together a robust moving plan. If you already have a plan in mind we are quite happy to follow your lead. We will offer our suggestions when asked for or if we see an opportunity or a potential problem or risk factor we will raise this at our meetings.

We are also a business in West Sussex so we understand the area. We also understand the nature of our customers from this area. No one can give you a better service so please get in contact now.

Vans Brighton

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If you are looking for vans in Brighton then you have come to the right place.
If you are looking to rent vans in Brighton then you will want to read this article first.

You have 2 options

Rent a vehicle from someone in the area. There are a quite a few to choose from as there are many companies that rent out vans in Brighton.

Van hire Brighton

Their prices range from £75 plus for the day. This does not include diesel which you have to have topped up before you return the van, minimum £10.

The things that you have to remember when taking this route is that you are not a professional removals person and there is a lot more than meets the eye.

Damaging your things. This article is designed to make you aware of the realities of moving yourself not to scare monger. If you aren’t trained in removals then you are going to put a lot of stress on yourself. This stress turns into fatigue which is when mistakes are made. The victims are your belongings. Your precious lamp that you love, broken. Your prizes guitar, scratched. This does not happen when you hire professionals as they have the resources in place so that they talk care of everything.

Damaging you own items is bad enough but as you don’t drive a removals van every day you have a chance of damaging the van or worse someone else’s property! These carry a high premium. This is how rental companies make a lot of money. They count on you thinking that the job you are undertaking is not as big as you think.

Even in the short term benefits of hiring a company outweigh renting vans in Brighton to perform your removals. Think about it for a minute. A professional who does this every day is going to do it in much less time than you. Don’t you think your time is better pent elsewhere? Either working or organising? The removals company will be in and out before you know whats happening.

Also, all the vans Brighton has to offer in the rental market will not come equipped with the facilities that a removals companies will. A removal companies van is equipped with blankets to cover all of your precious items to stop them from rubbing on anything while in transit. This could be the inside of the van or even another item of yours inside the van.

Straps! A removal van is loaded with straps to lash everything to the side of the van. This way nothing moves. Do you know how to tie a removals knot? As with anything in life there is often an art or at the very leas a ‘knack’ for doing things right.

Cardboard. We carry lots of extra cardboard on our vans so that we can protect everything that we move properly. This also helps when we get almost to the end of a move and the customers have forgotten to box up a cupboard. We have plenty of resources to hand so that you are well taken care of. If you were moving yourself and you’d forgotten to pack a last cupboard what might happen? It would probably be about 10pm at night by the time you were on your last load and no shops were open to buy any more boxes. You would have to use a plastic bag and anything delicate would be a goner.

Option 2: Use professionals

It is certainly worth looking into removals companies who provide a multitude of services including man and van in Brighton and full removals services.

These almost always work out cheeper in the long run (and the not so long run). Rental, diesel, fuel prices, breakages (caused by inexperience), damage caused to buildings and other peoples cars (caused by inexperience driving a removal van) plus the stress of it all. It is bound to take hours and possibly days longer than it would if you were to hire a professional. It’s a gruelling process and it could be the best money you every spend.

We have a range of options for you to see you every possible logistical need.
Our prices vary do you to the length of time you wish to use the man or man and van. Also mileage is taken into consideration. Volume and weight of the goods is another factor that we need to calculate for. Please call for a free quote any time, we operate seven days a week. Renting vans in Brighton can be tricky but with our service there is no need to tell your hair out you may even find that it might be cheaper and quicker to rent a van with a man. Prices start from around £25 per hour or we can arrange a fixed price after we have taken into account all the factors involved in your situation.
We have the best vans Brighton has to offer.
Our removal supervisors / operation managers have years of experience and technique at their disposal not to mention plenty of time behind the wheel of a large vehicle which people normally feel is quite daunting. We are available for corporate moves or residential domestic moves. We have vehicles and expertise to suit any kind of logistical situation. To rent a van from even the cheapest and less reputable companies costs around £80 Per day plus Diesel and plus any other extra insurance you may wish to add. Also, if you do not have as much experience behind the wheel of a large vehicle you could cause damage to the rental vehicle which would result in huge fines.
If you hire us even with just one man you will slash your job time in half most likely. There are no hidden costs. You have none of the liability of the vehicle. You have someone working for you with mountains of experience and a friendly attitude. We would also bring all the necessary tools needed for your job so you wouldn’t have to buy any yourself. Not only will you save money but you will have a much less stressful experience and impact on your life which cannot be measured. You may have experienced this and know what I mean when it gets to 10:30 PM at night and you’re still unloading the second load and wondering why you didn’t hire a man as well as vans in Brighton. It may seem like a shortcut at the time, but it could end up backfiring. With a free no obligation quote you have nothing to lose. If you want to find out more about what vans Brighton has to offer, give us a call any time. Please get in touch via our contact page.

Hire man and van brighton

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If you are looking to hire man and van Brighton then you have come to the right place for it. We offer a great man and Van service for Brighton and the surrounding areas. We even go further afield.

When you hire man and van Brighton your driver will lift and carry everything for you. If you were just looking to save a few pounds and desire just one man to cut a few corners you can work along side him.

It is often annoying costly and hugely inconvenient to rent vans on a regular or singular basis. That’s why hire man and van Brighton at the moving company is such a good option. You can order us to arrive whenever you want and leave whenever you wish. You also have a driver who can lift and carry everything for you. There is no deposit no upfront payment all the benefits of having a van but none of the messy ties that go along with it.

Van hire companies often have a large access if you scratch a door or damage wing mirror or worse. But there is no such worries with us everything is included in the price. We Hire only the best staff with the best qualifications and the best personalities with positive outlooks. You will find it a pleasure to work alongside us time and time again and be surprised that’s how easy it is to organise this service.

Perhaps you are planning a trip to the tip or waste site or moving house or delivering some items or any kind of logistic situation, we can help if you hire a man and van Brighton from the moving company.

Call up for a free quotation and price guide. We have hourly rate available or a flat fee if that suits you better.

You are also able to hire more than one man if you wish. You can hire 2, 3, 4 or five of our removal me depending on the size of your move. If you are trying to transport something very large and it may be advantageous to have multiple people moving for you.

There are also flat rate available that may be more cost efficient for your needs. For example if you are running a small business and you need a van and a man for the whole day we can work out a price for this that suits your every requirement.

Get in contact now for a free quote and a chat.

For quick drops around town you may require to hire man and Van Brighton service to transport or deliver single items around the city very quickly. We are available at the moment’s notice, at the drop of a hat just call us and will be right there. If you wanted to have a regular service hire Man and Van Brighton service we can work out a special rate for you. Call now and we will be happy to negotiate a fair rate for anything you require.

How to pack pictures

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IKEA delivery to brighton

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If you are looking for an IKEA delivery to Brighton UK then you have come to the right place. We make regular trips to the Croydon branch of IKEA which is just about 40 to 45 minutes away from Brighton city centre. We offer a multi-drop the price as we make regular pick-ups for our customers and bring them back to Brighton.

We all know what an ordeal going to IKEA can be. The endless runway of frenzied consumerism can drive you into a state of madness or at least cause an aneurysm or some kind of haemorrhage which you will attempt to block up with a hot dog and a cup of coffee at the end of your torturous ordeal.

We also offer an assembly service to save you fumbling around with screws and Alan keys for the whole day and wanting to smash it to pieces. We are well versed in IKEA assembly and have probably put together over a quarter of 1 million pieces of IKEA furniture in our nine years of removals.

We have a wealth of knowledge about IKEA items so if you wanted any advice please do not hesitate to call and we can discuss your different options to suit your specific needs. We can even pop round before we go to IKEA to get a feel for your apartment and help you choose the right items for IKEA home delivery Brighton.

Get in contact now to find about our IKEA delivery to Brighton.

We can offer very low rates as we pick up many items at the same time for many different people. We also Carry out many removals near IKEA so if you needed something quickly we are able to pick it up either before or after a job and deliver it to you possibly even the same day or the next day.

Other companies may offer an IKEA delivery to Brighton but we have been doing this for over a decade.

IKEA delivery to Brighton is one of the many services which we provide for our customers. Which we perform efficiently and professionally and as always with great care and positivity. We will turn this normally horrific affair into a pleasurable event. Simply select your favourite items from the IKEA catalogue or online and let us know what they are any specific list so that we may check it precisely and make sure we have every last item. We will call you when we are at IKEA to double check the list with you so as to get everything your heart desires from this Scandinavian Mecca. All roads lead to IKEA and we will be out it was a truckload of your goods. Ready for you to DIY your brains out and adorning your walls with pleasant soft furnishings.

House packing service

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We offer a very comprehensive and affordable House packing service. We would arrive the day before your move to get you completely ready for the next day.

Two or three of us would arrive promptly in the morning equipped with plenty of packing materials and begin to get you completely ready for the next day. All you have to dois keep anything inside which she will need overnight. Or any important documents that you may need in order to get into your new house. Whether you are selling or renting you may need all kinds of important information to ensure a smooth move change over.

Also if you have any children you may want to keep out their favourite cuddly toy their favourite foods juices et cetera to keep them happy whilst we are swiftly moving you.

We are quite happy to work on our own so please by all means after you have showing us round you can leave for the day and let us carry on with everything. If we have any questions we can call you or text you which ever you prefer.

You may wish to throw some things out before your house packing service begins so that you are not taking any dead wood to your new home. Take a look in the loft and in the shed to see if you really need everything. If you do not we also run a recycling scheme where we can donate your unwanted goods to charity or dispose of them responsibly.

Back to the packing, we will take care of all your precious items. You can keep them separate if you wish and let us know which items require more intensive attention and protection and we will endeavour to give them this. We have the best quality bubble wrap tapeand other materials to ensure an excellent packing service.

Every plate and glass will be individually wrapped in either wrap paper or bubble wrap. And in some cases we can even put one of our removal blankets in the box to really keep things safe. Say if it is an ornamental vase or lamp we would take the lampshade off and lightbulb wrap each individually put a blanket in the box and silver box up smoothly and evenly.

When you have unpacked all of your belongings please give us a call and we will pick up all of the materials free of charge so that we can continue recycling offering ecological benefits as well as.

As well as a house packing service we also provide a house unpacking service if you feel daunted by the prospect. We’re here to help and will go to any lengths to do so.

Removals Hassocks

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This is a lovely village just outside of Brighton and we provide a tailored removals in Hassocks service for its inhabitants.

We have been providing an excellent service for a decade. We provide the best removals hassocks has to offer.

Please call her as soon as possible to find out about our great deals and service. After a conversation I’m sure you will know that we can provide the best service for your possible and make the experience a great one.

If you are looking for the best removals Hassocks can give you then look no further. We provide a full package, a robust service that has an excellent track record. We have been operating in Hassocks for such a long time we know it like the back of our hand.

There are many removal companies in Hassocks but none of them who are as professional, reliable, and affordable as this removals Hassocks company. You can also get in contact with us via email at

Hassocks is a large village and a civil parish in the mid Sussex area in England. The name Hassocks is known to come from the tufts of grass found in the surrounding fields. Boring, possibly but quaint nonetheless.

We perform our removals Hassocks has available. With the best resources money can buy. We have plenty of blankets to wrap all of your furniture and during transit. We also have straps to tie into the walls of the van to stop anything moving during transit. We also carry lots of extra cardboard on board to wedged into small spaces or to cover delicate items or to give extra protection to televisions stereos lights lamps or objet d’art.

Our attention to detail is key. We recognise what needs the most attention and focus it with brilliant accuracy. Our amazing track record allows me to post as we are confident that we are the best removals hassocks has.

We love providing removals Hassocks style. We hope that we will do removals here forever and continue to give unrivalled service to our customers. There’s nothing better than getting up early in the morning and driving down hassocks High Street on your way to a large move. The sense of satisfaction never fails or the sense of fulfilment. It’s the best

Moving to Brighton UK

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If you are moving to Brighton UK and need some advice, you have come to the right place.

Having been born and raised in Brighton and Hove there is nothing that we don’t know about the city. It is usually better to offer advice over the telephone about moving to Brighton UK (07598) 763024 as there is so much to say but nevertheless undaunted I will attempt to tackle this huge subject here.

Explore Brighton would be my first piece of advice. Take day trips, weekend stays, or a month long sabbaticals. This way you can really get a feel for the city and what it has to offer. This way you will know exactly what you want and where you wanna be and how you want to get it. Is the most important factor in deciding where are you want to live and what you want in life. Brighton definitely has it to offer so take your time to really soak up each area.)

When moving to Brighton UK then you better be prepared to have a lovely life. You must be prepared at all costs to gain a sense of what really matters. Which is fulfilment, being content, a love for your fellow man a responsibility towards the world and the environment and its inhabitants.

I believe that if you ask most of Brighton residence they would tell you that they were happy. And that they knew why they were happy. And this is because moving to Brighton uk was the best idea they’ve ever had.

Picture where you live now. Have a really good think about your street and the facilities available to you what’s on the end of the street who lives over there. Most likely you are thinking of a residential street with a row of faceless houses with a crappy shop at the end of it. Or maybe even worse a deal carriageway everything sandblasted with Certs pollution and Grace large that has kicked up from the highway to the rat race. No picture somewhere beautiful with incredible sunsets and I horizon that never ends. A place where everyone is happy and is as beautiful as it is fun. Welcome to Brighton.

You may have noticed that you needed type into google the exact words, moving to Brighton UK as there are a few Brightons in the United States which are also beautiful. Having lived in Boston for many years Brighton is a neighbour heard of the city in Massachusetts.

Choosing a removal company

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Choosing a removal company in Brighton can be a tricky affair. But with some guidance and a few key points you should be able to find the right company for you.

This should also help you avoid any bad experiences through inexperienced or poorly run companies. There are cowboys out there and sometimes are not easy to spot with the untrained eye.

Contact at least three companies a minimum of two weeks before your move. Study their website well and make sure it looks well thought out and not just slammed together as this will reflect the way they do business.

Contacting them well before your move will ensure that you have the pick of the best companies you find. If you leave it too late you may find yourself trawling through the more lower end removals company Brighton has two offer.

When you are choosing a removal company always talk to the companies at least over the phone. This way you can get a feel for the person and the level of care that they will be able to provide you. You can learn a lot about someone through the tone of their voice and demeanour. Let alone what the are saying or promising.

When choosing a removal company you need to meet them prior to your move. If your move is small then this may not be always necessary but really this would be ideal. Have them come over for a home visit. Most good removals Companies will comply with this. They should also want to see your move so that they are prepared and can give you great service by having the right resources prepared for your move. Other wise your move could turn into a disaster. Don;t be afraid to double check things with them.

Questions to ask them include:

Inquiries regarding insurance.

A) do they have it and B) what does it cover you for?

Most companies will have some kind of insurance but may not cover you in all areas. So if you are choosing a removal company company you must ask “does this insurance cover me from when you come into contact with my belongings until we have unpacked the last box?” It is best to ask this in writing so that you have proof if anything does go wrong later.

Are you insured if you do the packing? As sometimes this is not the case.

C) What time will you arrive?
Always get a definite start time so you both know what to expect.

D) Do you have blankets and straps?
Most good companies will have these to keep everything covered and strapped in during transit. They should also keep extra cardboard and boxes in case the customer might need them. They also come in handy if you wish to protect anything while loading the van.

E) What is the payment method?
It is quite normal for a company to accept payment in cash althoug you should ask for a receipt. Either via email or a physical copy.

F) Does this include VAT?
Sometimes you may be surprised that VAT is not included so be sure to ask at the time. Most of the larger companies will charge this.
When choosing a removal company in Brighton it doesn’t really matter if they do not charge VAT. All it means is that they have possibly been around for longer. For example, we are a limited company that have been around for almost 10 years but we don’t charge VAT. We feel that this extra cost will put people off. There is a big difference when you add VAT.

G) Is this the total cost?
Sometimes there are hidden costs. This does not meant that the company has tried to trick you. They may have simply forgotten to tell you that ‘boxes are extra’ or ‘bubble wrap is extra’

H) Are you expecting them to pack?
Sometimes there is confusion between packing and loading. Most companies will mean loading when the say ‘pack the van’ so just make sure to make the distinction.

I) Ask if one of the men on your job is a supervisor or manager.
If one man is not as experienced on your move this can be fine as long as there is one who is clearly in charge who knows what he is doing.
There is often a management structure within even small companies and you need to make sure that you do not get lost in the system as soon as you have agreed to go with your chosen company.
When choosing a removal company you need to find out exactly who will be in your move. When people book with us we immediately assign them a manager/supervisor who will be in charge. We give their direct line and often this manager will contact the customer direct for a chat and to introduce themselves. This way all loose ends are tied up and everyone knows where they are.

Look at reviews and ask neighbours and friends if they can recommend a removal company. There will often be a friend or relative that has moved recently so it’s always a good idea to go with someone else’s recommendation. If none of these yield any positive results then you can always ask a storage company. They can always recommend a good company, although they may be in cahoots with them and receiving a kick back.

This used to be a cowboy industry where the companies used to be able to do whatever they wished with no comeback. This is because only a certain demographic would want to undertake manual work. Those days are over. generally the companies that you find in the top searches of google will be companies that care about their business and care about their customers.

You will find more and more often these days that people from all walks of life will be involved in removals.
England does not have a huge export industry for our youth to get involved in. Especially in Brighton. Job sectors are limited which means the university graduates are turning to more diverse ways to make money. This is great because it means that the solid of our manual trades are being fertilised with the young eager minds who are keen to work! if we are busy then most of the companies that we recommend are friends of a similar age who have more sensitive business manifestos.

If you are choosing a removal company then ours is the most candid and hard working there is in Brighton. Get in contact now!


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