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Vans Brighton

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If you are looking for vans in Brighton UK then you have come to the right place. We have a range of options for you to see you every possible logistical need.
Our prices vary do you to the length of time you wish to use the man or man and van. Also mileage is taken into consideration. Volume and weight of the goods is another factor that we need to calculate for. Please call for a free “Any time we operate seven days a week. Renting vans in Brighton can be tricky but with our service there is no need to tell your hair out you may even find that it might be cheaper and quicker to rent a van with a man. Prices start from around £25 per hour or we can arrange a fixed price after we have taken into account all the factors involved in your situation.
Our removal supervisors / operation managers have years of experience and technique at their disposal not to mention plenty of time behind the wheel of a large vehicle which people normally feel is quite daunting. We are available for corporate moves or residential domestic moves. We have vehicles and expertise to suit any kind of logistical situation. To rent a van from even the cheapest and less reputable companies costs around £80 Per day plus Deisel and plus any other extra insurance you may wish to add. Also if you do not have as much experience behind the wheel of a large vehicle you could cause damage to the rental vehicle which would result in huge fines.
If you hire us even with just one man you will slash your job time in half most likely. There are no hidden costs. You have none of the liability of the vehicle. You have someone working for you with mountains of experience and a friendly attitude. We would also bring all the necessary tools needed for your job so you wouldn’t have to buy any yourself. Not only will you save money but you will have a much less stressful experience and impact on your life which cannot be measured. You may have experienced this and know what I mean when it gets to 10:30 PM at night and you’re still unloading the second load and wondering why you didn’t hire a man as well as vans in Brighton. It may seem like a shortcut at the time but it could end up backfiring. With a free no obligation quote you have nothing to lose. So give us a call any time.
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Hire man and van brighton

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If you are looking to hire man and van Brighton then you have come to the right place for it. We offer a great man and Van service for Brighton and the surrounding areas. We even go further afield.

When you hire man and van Brighton your driver will lift and carry everything for you. If you were just looking to save a few pounds and desire just one man to cut a few corners you can work along side him.

It is often annoying costly and hugely inconvenient to rent vans on a regular or singular basis. That’s why hire man and van Brighton at the moving company is such a good option. You can order us to arrive whenever you want and leave whenever you wish. You also have a driver who can lift and carry everything for you. There is no deposit no upfront payment all the benefits of having a van but none of the messy ties that go along with it.

Van hire companies often have a large access if you scratch a door or damage wing mirror or worse. But there is no such worries with us everything is included in the price. We Hire only the best staff with the best qualifications and the best personalities with positive outlooks. You will find it a pleasure to work alongside us time and time again and be surprised that’s how easy it is to organise this service.

Perhaps you are planning a trip to the tip or waste site or moving house or delivering some items or any kind of logistic situation, we can help if you hire a man and van Brighton from the moving company.

Call up for a free quotation and price guide. We have hourly rate available or a flat fee if that suits you better.

You are also able to hire more than one man if you wish. You can hire 2, 3, 4 or five of our removal me depending on the size of your move. If you are trying to transport something very large and it may be advantageous to have multiple people moving for you.

There are also flat rate available that may be more cost efficient for your needs. For example if you are running a small business and you need a van and a man for the whole day we can work out a price for this that suits your every requirement.

For quick drops around town you may require to hire man and Van Brighton service to transport or deliver single items around the city very quickly. We are available at the moment’s notice, at the drop of a hat just call us and will be right there. If you wanted to have a regular service hire Man and Van Brighton service we can work out a special rate for you. Call now and we will be happy to negotiate a fair rate for anything you require.

How to pack pictures

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IKEA delivery brighton

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If you are looking for an IKEA delivery service for Brighton UK then you have come to the right place. We make regular trips to the Croydon branch of IKEA which is just about 40 to 45 minutes away from Brighton city centre. We offer a multi drop the price as we make regular pick ups for our customers and bring them back to Brighton.

We all know what an ordeal going to IKEA can be. The endless runway of frenzied consumerism can drive you into a state of madness or at least cause an aneurysm or some kind of haemorrhage which you will attempt to block up with a hot dog and a cup of coffee at the end of your torturous ordeal.

We also offer an assembly service to save you fumbling around with screws and Alan keys for the whole day and wanting to smash it to pieces. We are well versed in IKEA assembly and have probably put together over a quarter of 1 million pieces of IKEA furniture in our nine years of removals.

We also have a wealth of knowledge about IKEA items so if you wanted any advice please do not hesitate to call and we can discuss your different options to suit your specific needs. We can even pop round before we go to IKEA to get a feel for your apartment and help you choose the right items for IKEA home delivery Brighton.

We can offer very low rates as we pick up many items at the same time for many different people. We also Carry out many removals near IKEA so if you needed something quickly we are able to pick it up either before or after a job and deliver it to you possibly even the same day or the next day.

IKEA delivery Brighton is one of the many services which we provide for our customers. Which we perform efficiently and professionally and as always with great care and positivity. We will turn this normally horrific affair into a pleasurable event. Simply select your favourite items from the IKEA catalogue or online and let us know what they are any specific list so that we may check it precisely and make sure we have every last item. We will call you when we are at IKEA to double check the list with you so as to get everything your heart desires from this Scandinavian Mecca. All roads lead to IKEA and we will be out it was a truckload of your goods. Ready for you to DIY your brains out and adoring your walls with pleasant soft furnishings.

How to make a removals packing box

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House packing service

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We offer a very comprehensive and affordable House packing service. We would arrive the day before your move to get you completely ready for the next day.

Two or three of us would arrive promptly in the morning equipped with plenty of packing materials and begin to get you completely ready for the next day. All you have to dois keep anything inside which she will need overnight. Or any important documents that you may need in order to get into your new house. Whether you are selling or renting you may need all kinds of important information to ensure a smooth move change over.

Also if you have any children you may want to keep out their favourite cuddly toy their favourite foods juices et cetera to keep them happy whilst we are swiftly moving you.

We are quite happy to work on our own so please by all means after you have showing us round you can leave for the day and let us carry on with everything. If we have any questions we can call you or text you which ever you prefer.

You may wish to throw some things out before your house packing service begins so that you are not taking any dead wood to your new home. Take a look in the loft and in the shed to see if you really need everything. If you do not we also run a recycling scheme where we can donate your unwanted goods to charity or dispose of them responsibly.

Back to the packing, we will take care of all your precious items. You can keep them separate if you wish and let us know which items require more intensive attention and protection and we will endeavour to give them this. We have the best quality bubble wrap tapeand other materials to ensure an excellent packing service.

Every plate and glass will be individually wrapped in either wrap paper or bubble wrap. And in some cases we can even put one of our removal blankets in the box to really keep things safe. Say if it is an ornamental vase or lamp we would take the lampshade off and lightbulb wrap each individually put a blanket in the box and silver box up smoothly and evenly.

When you have unpacked all of your belongings please give us a call and we will pick up all of the materials free of charge so that we can continue recycling offering ecological benefits as well as.

As well as a house packing service we also provide a house unpacking service if you feel daunted by the prospect. We’re here to help and will go to any lengths to do so.

Removals Hassocks

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This is a lovely village just outside of Brighton and we provide a tailored removals in Hassocks service for its inhabitants.

We have been providing an excellent service for a decade. We provide the best removals hassocks has to offer.

Please call her as soon as possible to find out about our great deals and service. After a conversation I’m sure you will know that we can provide the best service for your possible and make the experience a great one.

If you are looking for the best removals Hassocks can give you then look no further. We provide a full package, a robust service that has an excellent track record. We have been operating in Hassocks for such a long time we know it like the back of our hand.

There are many removal companies in Hassocks but none of them who are as professional, reliable, and affordable as this removals Hassocks company. You can also get in contact with us via email at

Hassocks is a large village and a civil parish in the mid Sussex area in England. The name Hassocks is known to come from the tufts of grass found in the surrounding fields. Boring, possibly but quaint nonetheless.

We perform our removals Hassocks has available. With the best resources money can buy. We have plenty of blankets to wrap all of your furniture and during transit. We also have straps to tie into the walls of the van to stop anything moving during transit. We also carry lots of extra cardboard on board to wedged into small spaces or to cover delicate items or to give extra protection to televisions stereos lights lamps or objet d’art.

Our attention to detail is key. We recognise what needs the most attention and focus it with brilliant accuracy. Our amazing track record allows me to post as we are confident that we are the best removals hassocks has.

We love providing removals Hassocks style. We hope that we will do removals here forever and continue to give unrivalled service to our customers. There’s nothing better than getting up early in the morning and driving down hassocks High Street on your way to a large move. The sense of satisfaction never fails or the sense of fulfilment. It’s the best

Choosing a removal company

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choosing a removal company in Brighton can be a tricky affair. But with some guidance and a few key points you should be able to find the right company for you.

This should also help you avoid any bad experiences through inexperienced Or poorly run companies. There are cowboys out there and sometimes are not easy to spot with the untrained eye.

Contact at least three companies A minimum of two weeks before your move. Study their website well and make sure it looks well thought out and not just slammed together as this will reflect the way they do business.

Contacting them well before your move will ensure that you have the pick of the best companies you find. If you leave it too late you may find yourself trawling through the more lower end removals company Brighton has two offer.

When you are choosing a removal company always talk to the companies at least over the phone. This way you can get a feel for the person and the level of care that they will be able to provide you. You can learn a lot about someone through the tone of their voice and demeanour.

If you can meet your removal men prior to your move this would be ideal. Have them come over for a home visit. Most good removals Companies will comply with this. They should also want to see your move so that they are prepared and can give you great service by having the right resources prepared for your move.

Questions to ask them include inquiries regarding insurance.

A) do they have it and B) what does it cover you for?

Most companies will have some kind of insurance but may not cover you in all areas. So if you are choosing a removal company you must ask ‘does this insurance cover me from when you come into contact with my belongings until we have unpacked the last box? ‘ It is best to ask this in writing so that you have proof if anything does go wrong later.

Are you insured if you do the packing? As sometimes this is not the case.

The Brighton removals company, is the best removals company Brighton has to offer.

Storage Brighton and Hove

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If you are looking for Storage in Brighton and Hove you have come to the right place. We have years and years of experience with storage in the city and outside of it. We have an unlimited knowledge of every single facility and company that is involved with storage.

Here is a list of our favourites

Big yellow storage Brighton and Hove

Big yellow storage Brighton and Hove have a very large and professional facility just outside the city centre on Combe Road which is off Lewis Road. They are a national company but they have lost none of their Chaump certainly not at our branch anyway. First of the staff there have been there for years and know the city and the facility like the back of their hand. They simply cannot do enough for you. The service is very thorough and you are protected from every angle in terms of insurance and your belongings once they are in their unit.

They also offer a half price deal for the first month which is great if you are looking for a short-term lease. Their prices are fair after that considering how well maintained their building is. There is excellent access for multiple vehicles and great facilities for wheeling your stuff around in the facility. They have large trolleys for pushing your stuff to and from your unit and making things as easy for you as possible.

Another thing to note is that the storage units themselves are very large compared to other storage companies. Some companies boast the same size of units for cheaper but beware there ceilings are lower than big yellows and much less space. So what may seem to be a good money-saving rival company will actually end up costing you a lot more because their spaces are much smaller. This is because The units are measured by floor size and do not take into account height but big yellow treats the space measurement like a cube so you will be getting much more space for less money.

Alligator self storage Brighton and Hove

This is also a chain of storage companies which have facilities all over the country. They do not provide only storage Brighton and Hove They are a smaller chain than big yellow. They offer a personalised service and we have always found them to be very accommodating and friendly. Also as noted earlier the units have very high ceilings so you get much more space than some of the competitors such as big box.

Again there facility has great access for multiple vehicles and a large ground floor which makes it easier to fairy things to and from the storage unit to your van. They also provide trolleys although they are smaller than big yellow there are plenty of them and even on a busy day you should be able to get one or two.

Howard Kent storage Brighton and Hove

Although this facility is well out of the city it brings with it some other benefits which might not be available to other companies in town. Such as the land is probably cheaper so they pass this on to the customer via their pricing system. If you wish to store something for a long time their warehouse is the best place for this they have a wooden box system in where you arrive and fill up a large box approximately 7 feet tall and 5 feet wide and 6 feet deep. Once you have filled your boxes they are forklifted into the warehouse and kept safe for your return. The only drawback is that if you needed emergency access to your storage box you may be in a bit of a pickle because you need to give them prior warning about when you need access to your belongings. This is because they will need to get the forklift to move other people storage boxes out of the way in order to get to yours although they areable to do this very quickly. And as mentioned the cost is well worth a little bit of a wait. It is also a family run company which I like as they will care for their customers directly and they care about their business and livelihood. So although aesthetically there is something left to be desired it is an all round good facility

Removals company Brighton

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If you are looking for the best removals company Brighton has to offer then look no further. We are a medium-size company that has been moving people for eight years. We have an excellent training program for all of our employees although as we are a medium-size company we have a tightknit team who have been with us for years. They are veterans of moving. If you could picture of a removals Olympics we would get the gold every time. This is because we know what it takes to make a great successful move which is pleasurable for our customers. First of all you listen. You listen to what your customer needs. Every move his individualto a person or family and specific crime requirements have to be met in order to keep a balanced move. Once you have gained all the specifics then you set about a plan. You then revise your plan and make it as tight as possible. You present this to the client and after a satisfactory agreement you put the plan into actionas early as possible so that things are in place Will be for the move. Preparation is King in the house of removals and he is respected at this removals company Brighton.

Communication is another important cornerstone of this removals company Brighton. Communication between the customer and the company and communication between its staffing members. On move day strength patience and A friendly and positive attitude will win the day every time. Nothing is impossible on move day and you have to bear with any bumps in the road as they come. There is no task that you cannot overcome just remember this and you will be fine.

Do not rush this is a false economy of time as as soon as you start to rush things go wrong just take your time and everything will go smoothly.

At this removals company Brighton is our home town we love it and we can’t wait to settle you in. We take pride in our work and pride in the fact that this can be actually a pleasurable and joyous occasion for everyone involved. We enjoy our work and enjoy moving people into their new homes. We get a deep sense of satisfaction from that.

As soon as you speak to us on the phone or via email or if you see us moving someone in you will know immediately that way I’m another word and we pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and work. We are trying to elevate removals to another level. We are trying to make something which can be a horrific ordeal into the opposite, a lovely experience. Tough, you might say but at this removals company Brighton it is second nature.

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