Residential Packing

Having the Brighton Removal company pack up your home is not as expensive as you may think and many times faster than you doing it yourself. Our packing price is £55 per hour. This includes two of us and ALL packing materials. All packing tape, bubble wrap, wrapping paper and tape is all included in this price, and we can also supply low cost high quality packing boxes. After we have seen everything at the free quote stage then we would be happy to cap the pack price so that if there were any complications then you would not pay for them.

We take great pride and care in our packing work. We treat everything as if it is our own. We greatly appreciate how important it is that everything arrives in one piece.

We individually wrap every breakable item in paper and if needed bubble wrap also.

All you need to do is separate everything that you need. For example important documentation needed for moving. Keys, credit cards and so forth. Once you have done this and outlined if anything else needs to be left then you can leave everything else to us. Our years of experience in packing houses means you can be safe in the knowledge that everything will be done to the best standard. You do not even need to be around for this process. Feel free to go to work or a cafe while we get on with everything. We are quite happy to get on with it all by ourselves and let ourselves out when it is all finished.

We also take this opportunity to disassemble any furniture that might need to be taken apart that you do not need to use overnight. Such as wardrobes that are too big to get out the door. Or arms taken off sofas that will not fit down stairs.

We can leave anything out that you need overnight such as beds and cots.

If you have a small pack and move then it is possible to do all this in one day.


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